Bridal Hair

Wedding hair stylists in Lewes, East Sussex

Wearing your hair up is an instant step to sophistication and that special feeling. The good news is that most of you can have an up do.

The style best suited to you depends on several factors; length, thickness and texture of your hair, how long the style needs to last (all day?), what you’ll be doing (dancing?) and the climate (windy, damp?).

For special days (weddings) a rehearsal is essential for your bridal hair. This ensures that you’ll be completely happy on the day. Feel free to bring pictures and express your own ideas.

We have all the equipment needed and our wedding hair stylists are happy to use your accessories so you can personalise your own style to match your outfit.

Brides, Florists can make small flowers to go in your hair to match your boutique.

Prom-Queens: Paint your hair accessories with nail varnish to match your colour scheme.

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