Cuts & Styles

Experienced and professional hair stylists

Cutting is the heart of good hairdressing. Leaving the salon looking good is one thing, but will it stay that way for the coming weeks? Yes, if the cut is doing its job and has been done by a professional hair stylist.

The subtle things that make a hair cut work come from the stylists solid training and then honing the skills over time. That’s why we allow 45 minutes per client and always have a chat first, even if you are a regular client.

Names of styles change as emerging and existing ideas engage to form the contemporary image. The classic ‘Bob’ evolves for each new generation as layering and graduating techniques change to suit the needs of the moment.

Long hair follows in the same subtle cycles as fashion itself does, formal giving way to Shabby Chic only to turn again.

The one thing that holds sway is good cutting.